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Brandon Hayes
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It’s a question we are asked often: What cigars do we smoke? That’s not as easy to answer as you might think, especially considering it’s our job to smoke just about every blend of cigar available—but we all seem to have a few we return to time and time again. So we decided to compile a list of what cigars we’re smoking the most lately. This isn’t necessarily a desert island list, but more of a rundown on what we’re super-hot on at this moment in time.


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Brandon: “It actually comes as a surprise to me, but I’ve been smoking more ADVentura Conqueror (Black) cigars lately. Oddly enough, it was my least favorite of the line when it was first released, but I seem to be hooked on it right now. It’s hard to explain, but the flavors are almost delayed in this blend.




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Scott: “Surprise, surprise! I’ve been smoking a lot of the Guardian of the Farm. Sometimes I stray from my go-to, but I normally find myself right back to this cigar. I like the balance of sweetness and spice, and flavor and strength. It’s not too strong for my morning cigar, and it’s not too mild for my last smoke of the day.”



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Nate: “It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Corojo tobacco, especially the stuff the Eiroa family grows. For some reason, early on I looked right past our store exclusive, the Winehouse. It’s a real steal at the price point and delivers an awesome balance of flavor and strength. My morning coffee really brings out the nuttiness, creaminess, and earthiness in the cigar.”




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Caleb: “I seem to find myself smoking The Herrera Esteli more than anything else lately. It just seems to hit the spot for me right now. It has flavor, but it leaves my pallet clean enough to be able to enjoy another cigar afterward. The price is right, the strength is perfect, and I love the creaminess and subtle spice that it delivers.”



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Chris: “When I saw The Last Tsar come in, I snagged a box immediately. It’s always been one of my favorite cigars, but I knew it was limited and I wasn’t sure I would ever have the opportunity again. It has noticeable flavors of cocoa, cedar, and black pepper. It isn’t a mild cigar by any means, but it’s still well balanced and flavorful.”


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Maaz: “Being new here, I’ve been trying to smoke a little bit of everything. The cigar that seems to be in my receipts more than anything is the Undercrown Shade. I like that it’s smooth yet flavorful enough to keep me interested. I find it to be more of a medium-strength Connecticut delivering natural sweetness and nuttiness.”

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