Burnt Ends by Renegade | 5-Pack Robusto

Get ready to overwhelm your palate with this complex blend of Dominican and Brazilian tobacco draped in a beautiful and hearty Ecuadorian Havana Seed wrapper. 

You will first experience flavors of dark chocolate and coffee, but a hint of something else that will leave you wanting to take a deeper dive. As the cigar starts to heat up you notice the intensity of flavor starting to build, but remaining surprisingly smooth. But what are those other flavors, is it smoky BBQ char or something else? It’s time to pour a slightly peated scotch and figure this cigar out. As you start to really get into the cigar you confirm your suspicion of a burnt end taste that comes from the point end of a perfectly smoked brisket, but yet, there’s still more. Before you know it, it has come and gone. It is exciting, smooth and leaves you wanting more — like that one girl that got away.