Davidoff Royal Release Salomones

You’ve found your invitation to become royalty. The quality control that goes into the Royal Release is unparalleled. Seeds are hand selected and tobacco genetics are tightly controlled by Davidoff, and the plants are harvested separately from other crops. Once harvested, each bale is hand inspected by the Head Master Blender for Color, Texture and aromas before being placed in the Royal Barn (an aging barn only for Royal Releases). The tobacco is then aged for a minimum 8 years until they reach absolute perfection. The wrapper used (Aromatica Dominicana) has been hand selected and only appears in the Royal Release. These ultra premium, limited ingredients are then given to a group of 8 hand selected rollers with the expectation of crafting the finest cigar Davidoff offers. With quality control being so tight, and materials extremely limited, few in the world have the privilege to offer these cigars to their customers. If you are looking to truly relish a moment, grab a Royal Release and spend an hour as royalty. The cigar delights the palate from the first puff with elegantly smooth flavors of oak wood, leather and fresh spices, along with notes of sweet corn and milk chocolate with a creamy aftertaste.


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