Cigar Blending Process Part 5: Tom Lazuka

Brandon Hayes

Tom Lazuka Blending Process Title Image


Part 5 of our blending series continues with Tom Lazuka. If you have missed our past videos on cigar blending check out our blog:

If you are in the cigar industry, you would know the name Tom Lazuka. If you aren't familiar with the name, you've probably smoked cigars Tom has been involved with. Tom is an industry veteran, being involved first with Colibri, then with Camacho before leaving to found Asylum with Christian Eiroa and work with the CLE family of brands.

Asylum cigars was Tom's idea after seeing large ring gauge cigar boxes empty around the country. Tom believed that larger ring gauge cigars gave a great perceived value to the customer.  He then pitched his former boss at Camacho (Christian Eiroa) who agreed to launch the brand under then CLE family.

While Asylum started as a company making large ring gauge cigars, Tom has assured us that other offerings are coming as well. Watch the video below to learn more about Tom's blending process! 


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