January 28, 2021 | 5PM

Caleb's Cigar and Cocktail Pairing

We are honored to host this Cigar & Cocktail pairing event on January 28, 2021 at 5PM. Come experience our brand new Fresh Rolls paired with a tailored cocktail hosted by Caleb! Note: Space is limited. Don’t miss this special event!

December 14 | 3PM – 6PM

Rocky Patel

We are honored to host Rocky Patel at our annual Rocky Patel Cigars event on December 14th from 3 to 6 PM. The celebrated owner and founder of Rocky Patel Premium Cigar Company with be with us in the flesh for this one-night special cigar event. Renegade’s Rocky Patel jamboree will be a great opportunity to meet this legendary icon for yourself, as well as snag some incredible deals on one of our top-selling brands. Don’t miss this special event!

Based on 687 reviews
Perfect "everyday" cigar

This is the perfect cigar for when you just want to sit on the patio and enjoy. Want a quick one while grilling dinner? Perfect. One wasn't quite enough? Enjoy a second. The price is right and it's a great stick.

Great cigar but it’s nuances were lost on me

The cigar was really good and I enjoyed the smoke. Pretty mild to medium bodied and had some good flavors. Stayed lit and burned even.

The only reason it’s not a 5 is my own fault - I couldn’t really pick up the nuanced flavors or appreciate them (I’m a pretty new smoker). So for me, I’d rather park my money elsewhere until I can really appreciate all this cigar has to offer. Someone with more seasoned pallet I’m sure would love the cigar! Hopefully I’ll be back one day though!


After dinner I sit outside on deck with a glass of Port wine and a davidoff grand cru diademas finas limited. Which was delightful.

ADVentura La Llorona
Philip Lerner
Easy Smoker

There is nothing exceptional about this cigar. However, with that being said, it’s an easy, everyday smoke. Easy draw, even burn, welp wrapped.

ADVentura King's Gold
Gerald Easterling
Adventura King's Gold

I was pleasantly surprised. A very smooth and easy smoke. I highly recommend this cigar.

Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Sun-Grown

Very good cigar. Smokes very well.

Awesome cigar

really liked this one gonna grab another pack.

Cohiba Blue
Mark Goodman
Cohiba blue

I like them. Mild, biurns smooth.

Smooth and subtle throughout. Slow steady draws will keep your attention for at least an hour and a half. Easily a morning or late evening cigar when relaxation and reflection is needed

Rocky Patel Year of the Dragon Cigar

Wonderful cigar. Great prices. Fast shipping. Excellent customer service. Would buy again.

Great Smoke

I really like ADVentura brand of cigars and Kings Gold is my favorite. To me, it’s medium/full-bodied and as far as taste, I get notes of chocolate, pepper, and earthiness. It’s one of the first cigars I tried when I got into cigars and it’s now one of my go-to’s.

Best Sample Pack

This has to be the best sample pack I've bought. Of course, having an Opus X in it might have helped with that evaluation :)
It is an excellent selection of some of the best Fuente cigars.


The one I purchased was stale. Might try another brand

Great smoke!!

The cost is perfect for this caliber of cigar. One of my favorite cigars of all time.

Eiroa The First 20 Years - Maduro

This is one of the best smooth full-body cigar experience you can enjoy!

Eiroa Dark
William Weisiger
Great Pairing

The Eiroa dark is a well blended cigar full of flavor. I personally love pairing this cigar with an "Old Fashioned" cocktail.

Fat Bottom Betty cigars

Nice change of pace cigar.

Great selection for a Mystery Pack

I recently purchased the $100 Premium Mystery Pack, and I have to say, the experience was fantastic. The selection of cigars was amazing, featuring some truly great picks. Whoever picked the cigars really knows their cigars. The value of the pack was exceptional. Although I paid $100, the cigars inside were worth around $200. I could not be happier, well worth the wait.

Tatuaje Cojonu 2015
Ronald White
This cigar speaks for itself.

A Nicaraguan Pero that I personally enjoy a lot. With ample flavor packed into a medium to medium full body cigar. I picked up on notes of dark coco, pepper, and some nuttiness. Construction was excellent and no problems with the burn. I can't say I've ever had a Tatuaje Cigar I didn't like.

Don't let the star rating fool you

This may sound funny to many but I'm asked frequently what is a good substitute for a Cuban cigar. While the answer really remains there isn't. There are a few cigars that are really close in what I have found in the profile. The retro hale on this particular stick is very reminiscent of the Cuban profile, in my opinion. A great medium body / medium strength short smoke.. Everyone that I smoked had excellent construction, good burn and it has the right balance of earthiness, pepper, leather and just to sweet side of neutral. I always keep a few in the humidor. Pick up a bundle. You can't go wrong.

Eiroa Classic
Thomas Burris
Excellent cigar

I don't know why, but certain Eiroa cigars don't seem to catch on. Every single variant I have tried has been excellent. When I walk into a new shop, this is one of the first cigars I look for. I can't recommend it enough.


Smooth snd refreshing. I used to try all brands, looking for the right cigar for me, when I got to Adventur I stopped looking.

Smooth & Easy

Smooth smoking, I believe this is a great first buy for those seeking to experience the cigar world. Just jumping into smoking cigars myself, my opinion of Rojas is above the rim with their breakfast tacos roll.

Shrimp man

Very smooth and enjoyable experience

A salad medium with some delicate flavors

Most Undercrowns I have are a medium medium bold range. The shade is still a medium cigar, but it has some lighter flavors like paper. It’s a little bit of it departure the typical Undercrown and I like it very much