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Renegade Premium Cigar Club

Renegade Premium Cigar Club

Renegade Premium Cigar Club - It doesn’t matter if you’re a bona fide cigar aficionado or a newbie, we can all use a good recommendation now and then on a new stick to try. It happens every day in our brick and mortar location, and that’s why we created the Renegade Cigar Club—to give our online customers recommendations on cigars they just have to try.


When you sign up for the Renegade Premium Cigar Club, you get a delivered monthly pack that includes four premium cigars hand-selected from our curated humidor and designed to broaden your smoking selection.Every month, we select four cigars from our newest, rarest, and most beloved cigars and include a packet of information that tells the story of each. 


In addition to the four cigars delivered to your door, all cigar club members receive an additional 10% off any additional online purchases (which ship for free if you add them to the monthly package). We also occasionally send out special offers to our cigar club members to take advantage of.


This isn’t your typical catalog cigar club. With us, it’s all about delivering a quality experience with top-notch product. A major part of fulfilling that aim is to also call out the things we won’t do. The Renegade Premium Cigar Club will never contain:

  • Cigars we don’t smoke ourselves.
  • Low quality, short filler cigars.
  • Second-selection cigars that didn’t meet manufacture quality standards.
  • Cigars we’re clearing out of inventory because they don’t sell.


On the fence? Check out some of our past offerings and 5-Star reviews from verified cigar club members. There’s a reason our customer retention rate is so high! 


Note: All cigar club subscribers must be 21 years of age or older to sign up and agree to our monthly billing cycle. Unhappy? Let us know! Don’t worry, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

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About Our Monthly Cigar Subscription

The idea behind the monthly cigar club was to introduce people to new cigars that they may not normally smoke. Each month you receive 4 cigars curated from Brandon at Renegade Cigars. So one month we might do something but I try to change it up and keep it interesting. It might be 4 new cigars that I find interesting the next month. It might be 4 classic cigars that I think everybody needs to try. Then the next month, it might be some type of theme- I might do a Nicaraguan cigar, a Dominican cigar, a Hunter cigar, and a Costa Rican cigar. Join the cigar club today!

About Renegade Cigars

At Renegade, you will find one of the largest humidors in the Dallas area. You will find the best selection of the most popular brands that are desired by people all around the country. Our humidor houses a perfectly curated selection of major brands that you cannot find anywhere else in the cigar world.

Customer Reviews

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Lena Clavin
Cigar Club

My son enjoys the variety of the cigars he gets each month. He comes over to my house (his mom) and we sit outside and talk while he enjoys his cigars. Thank you for the bonding over a cigar.


Tom Casey
I miss the printouts

The selections provided are always great, but I miss the printouts that came with the samplers. This was key to my enjoyment as I always took the recommendations of drink pairings as gospel.

Antonio Williams
When I used to celebrate Christmas as a Kid

Although I no longer celebrate Christmas, Receiving my monthly select gives me the feeling like when I used to celebrate Christmas as a Kid.

Thomas Hudgeons
Club pack

It's the best you can get I wouldn't go any where else to get this club These guys know what they are doing

K. Stewart
Awesome Value - Good Selections

The Renegade Cigar Club will not disappoint. If you’re looking to take the guess work out of trying new things, give it a shot. Not to mention you also get a great discount when you want to buy in bulk. Very satisfied, has introduced me to some new favorites!