Cigar Chat: Rocky Patel Grand Reserve and Hamlet 2020

Brandon Hayes


Brandon Hayes:
So, Rocky Patel has always been one of our best selling cigar lines and today, I'm here to introduce a brand new one. It's the Grand Reserve. And I've got to tell you, this is probably my favorite cigar that Rocky Patel has ever made. This was a 2020 release.

Brandon Hayes:
I took some people and did a blind tasting. I took some people that were Nicaraguan snobs that just weren't completely sold on Rocky Patel. Believe it or not, there's a few people that are just not buyers. I took the band off on it and I did a blind taste test, and I think it was six people. Five out of six people chose this over our wildly popular Nicaraguan cigar.

Brandon Hayes:
What's interesting, it's got a lot of body. It's got a lot of sweetness to it. I mean, it's a really decadent cigar, think creme brulee when you smoke this cigar. Just a really nice expression by Rocky Patel. I'm really happy with this release. What have you got, [Scotty 00:00:56]?

I'm going to challenge you with, I think, one of your favorite new releases from Rocky, the Hamlet 2020. Hamlet, working with Rocky, brings in a new aspect, I think, in the blending profiles and flavors, especially seen in the Hamlet line, again, the new 2020. He's bringing in a lot more of his Cubanesque profile to this blend, so taking that Rocky average and pumping it up a few notches and really giving it something unique. About a medium plus, a little bit stronger in strength, body, just the flavor all around than his typical, I'd say, medium strength cigars. Rocky Hamlet 2020.

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