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Nate Simonds

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Dead or poorly functioning lighters are the bane of every cigar smoker’s existence. But they’re not a fact of life you have to accept. There are lots of things you can do to make sure your lighter doesn’t kick out on you at the wrong moment. While today’s educational email might seem a little basic to some, there are some common mistakes we see all the time. Following the tips below will ensure that your lighter is functional for years to come.

1. Purge your lighter before filling

This is hands down the most common mistake we see when dealing with lighters. When you fill your lighter with butane, a mixture of air and propellant enters the lighter. Purging your lighter before you fill it not only increases the amount of fuel your lighter will hold but also prevents your seals from becoming over pressurized when it’s filled. If you’re getting constant interruptions in your flame or can’t fill the lighter when it looks empty, you need to purge!

2. Use the right fuel

There are a handful of common fuels used for lighters. Butane is the most common, but bear in mind there are also different types of butane. Some high-end lighters use butane that’s been refined more extensively to reduce contaminants. There are also certain kinds of butane that burn at hotter temperatures. If you fill your lighter with low-quality butane, or one that burns at a higher temperature than what your lighter is made for, it can damage it. Check the recommendations by the manufacturer of the lighter to ensure you’re using the right fuel for your lighter.

3. Use compressed air to clean the jets 

Lighters get thrown into our pockets with all kinds of other stuff. Lint, dirt, and other stuff tend to find their way into the jets of the lighter. As you can imagine, this interferes with the flow of butane, and also can prevent the flint from getting a proper strike. This is easily addressed by simply giving the top of your lighter a quick blast of compressed air every now and then to ensure it continue to function smoothly.

4. Adjust the flame

It never ceases to amaze me how many people think their lighter isn’t working properly when it’s simply a case of the flame being turned too low, or all the way down. On the bottom of most lighters, you’ll typically find an adjustment knob right next to the refill valve. Sometimes this requires a flat screwdriver to adjust, but it’s something you can do easily. Properly setting the flame size not only allows you to light your cigar in no time, but it can prevents you from wasting fuel unnecessarily.

5. Save that receipt

Most reputable lighter manufacturers these days offer warranties. The only catch is that most of them require you to mail the lighter to them with proof of purchase. Saving your receipt allows you to take advantage of the included warranty if anything ever goes wrong, which can come in handy on higher-priced lighters like DuPont.

 All of our branded lighters come with a lifetime over the counter warranty! If any issues arise with the lighter that cannot be fixed, we will simply swap you out!

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