The Easiest Way To Season Your Next Humidor

Brandon Hayes

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One common mistake that we see from both new and experienced cigar smokers is failing to season you humidor before beginning to store cigars in it. While you might not be able to tell immediately by looking at the cigars themselves, this can cause headaches and cost you money in the long run! Failing to season a humidor properly before adding cigars can cause drastic changes in humidity levels, which is not good for the cigars. 

Seasoning a humidor was a tedious process in the past which required you to wipe down the surface with distilled water. However, the process nowadays is easy, and reputable sources will recommend you to use a seasoning pack to eliminate headaches.

What seasoning a humidor does: 

Seasoning your humidor is the process of adding moisture to the cedar that lines your humidor. The cedar works with your humidification method to regulate the humidity inside of your humidor. The seasoning also helps keep a better seal during storage (this is because wood swells slightly when it absorbs water).  

How should I season my humidor? 

Our friends at Boveda have created a fool-proof method on how to season your humidor. All you need to do is toss in a Boveda seasoning 84% humidity pack and let your humidor sit for 2 weeks. After this has been done, you can toss in your preferred Boveda pack (we recommend 69% or 72%) and add your cigars! 

Is it possible to “over-season” a humidor?

Yes, if you choose not to use a seasoning pack and instead wipe down your humidor with distilled water! There should never be standing water in your humidor. Adding too much moisture to a humidor can create an environment where your cigars become over-humidified. This can lead to burn problems and create an environment that could encourage cigar beetle or mold problems.


Check out the video below if you have any questions! 



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