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Brandon Hayes

“The cigar journey begins with a delightful blend led by the sweetness of cinnamon, followed by hints of anise, fig, earthiness, cocoa nibs, dry straw, and a touch of barnyard essence. As the cigar evolves, a robust nutmeg flavor emerges, accompanied by subtle undertones of apple juice and dragon fruit. The finale of the smoking experience introduces even more pronounced notes of cinnamon, accompanied by a gentle embrace of mango and the comforting familiarity of apple pie.”

Do you ever find yourself feeling a bit cheated after reading a cigar review? Or do you simply kick back and chuckle, just as I often do? 

While I can't definitively confirm whether these reviewers genuinely discern a whopping 40 distinct flavors from a single cigar, I can certainly empathize with the confusion or skepticism it might stir. Personally, I've had the privilege of blending cigars alongside some of the best cigars makers in the world, and oddly enough, Asian pear never made its way into our discussions. While the palate is undeniably unique to each individual and undergoes development over time, there are indeed some more prevalent taste profiles in tobacco that warrant exploration.

Many cigars tend to showcase flavors that can be grouped into one or more of the following five categories: 

Sweet Notes: dark chocolate, sweet chocolate, cream, caramel or maple

Wood or Plant Notes: cedar, grass or oak

Natural Notes: leather, salt, earth or dirt

Spice Notes: black pepper, cayenne or red pepper

Coffee Notes: coffee with cream, expresso or dark coffee

Nutty Notes: walnut, almond, peanut or pecan

While it's not an everyday occurrence for me to detect all five of these distinctive notes in every cigar I encounter, it's quite common to discern a handful of them during the course of enjoying any given cigar.

While these cigar reviewers can be helpful in guiding your purchase decisions, you shouldn't feel bad if you don't get the same tasting notes as they do.If the art of honing your palate captures your curiosity, I invite you to explore the realms of flavor further.

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