How Henderson Ventura and Brandon Hayes Blend Cigars

Brandon Hayes
How Henderson Ventura And Brandon Hayes Blend Cigars Title Image 2


It’s no secret that Renegade is a huge supporter of Henderson Ventura and ADVentura Cigars. But did you know that the story of how Brandon got introduced to Henderson dates back years and involves Robert Caldwell of Caldwell cigars? It started out as a simple factory tour for retailers and evolved into a lasting friendship that has produced some fantastic cigars over the years.

Together, ADVentura and Renegade are forward-lookers who also honor the traditions of years past. Renegade brings the hands-on experience of trying tobaccos from all over the world, and Henderson is a Dominican tobacco expert. The result of their combined efforts is a non-traditional, medium-bodied, full-flavored, complex cigar that can be enjoyed at any time of the day: morning, afternoon, or evening. This is a unique profile that you won’t get anywhere else.

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