Staff Standouts Vol. 8

Brandon Hayes

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This week's selections from the staff stays more towards medium strength cigars. While several of these selections are limited in nature, almost all of these are readily available at Renegade today! 

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My cigar pick of the week is the Eiroa Classic. It isn’t new to me at all, but it’s one of those cigars that I forgot how good it is. I can remember smoking it for the first time - it was at that moment that I fell in love with Corojo. Christian has released many cigars that I really enjoy since then, but there is just something special about the Classic that gets me every time I smoke one. It starts medium, with the flavors and strength building slowly and progressively the further you get into the cigar. It yields noticeably creamy and nutty notes, with little hints of leather and spice if you really start searching. 


Warped La Relatos

This little lancero gem was always kind of hidden away in the 5 packs and I would forget about them. Well, this is a lancero you need to get your hands on! This cigar is special in many ways but the main one being that it was revived as it was once of Kyle Gellis of Warped Cigars first blends, and boy did he mail it with this blend. This Nicaraguan cigar fits beautifully in my wheelhouse in the medium range with a nicely balanced blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos through. Expect notes of richness, spice, earthiness and some sweetness. 


With the sad news coming about about the Ventura family factory, I couldn't resist the urge to smoke one of my favorite ADVentura cigars - the Piece of Heart. This belicoso is everything I want in a cigar - creamy, complex and extremely balanced. If the taste wasn't good enough, it helps raise money for charity while being one of the lowest price point ADVentura smokes. This is absolutely steal for such a home run of a cigar. If you see them, buy them because they won't last. 


The Davidoff Winston Churchill the Late Hour is definitely one of everyone’s favorites, and one of my favorites as well. Although the tobaccos are aged in a Scotch barrel for 6 months, this smoke doesn’t necessarily taste like Scotch, but it picks up a lot of toasty and woody notes and has lots of sweet caramel flavors. One of my all time favorite cigars is Camacho’s American Barrel Aged and The Late Hour to me is a smoother more refined “version” of that cigar. As the name suggests, this is a great cigar to smoke at night, after dinner with a nice cocktail. 


Have the Oliva 135 this weekend. Beautiful shape and kept a smooth  and even draw the entire way through the smoke. Started off with a light coffee, developing a little leather as I got towards the middle. Ended off hitting back at the coffee flavor with an espresso kick, just in the for the Packers to beat the Bucs! 


I ventured out this week and tried a more bold cigar (for my liking), Herrera Esteli Habano by Drew Estate. I enjoyed this medium-full Nicaraguan cigar, with just the right amount of spices and sweetness. This is definitely one I will go back to. 
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