Staff Standouts Vol. 4

Brandon Hayes

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This week's staff standouts include some non traditional and smaller format offerings. No matter what your cigar preference is, you'll find something you enjoy in our staff selections! Check out last week's wrap up here!


When the Habano version of this cigars was released — I said it was probably my favorite new cigar in the market. Now that the Criollo version is available, I may have changed my mind. It is rich and silky smooth with a taste profile that is unlike anything I’ve ever smoked before. It has a red velvet like taste and the tobaccos used create a lot of saliva in your mouth that really helps deliver taste to your taste buds. If you are looking for something new and delicious (almost addictive) give this amazing cigar a try!

Scott Sinclair

Davidoff Colorado Claro Double R

A cigar that has both the right ring gauge and length, about 1.5hrs smoke time, is a lovely medium to full flavored cigar that I enjoy on a day where I have a longer morning to sit back and enjoy the sunrise and a cup of joe. With its rather complex profile, this cigar remains well balanced and with all the flavor you need without taking over your palate. A must try.


Joya de Nicaragua Antano Connecticut 

The Antano Connecticut is one of my go to cigars in the morning, offering creamy, cedar forward taste (it pairs extremely well with coffee). While this is a Nicaraguan cigar, I do not get much spice at all from it. I generally prefer smaller ring gauge cigars so when the Lonsdale size of this cigar was announced I immediately got with our Drew Estate rep and got our order placed. Priced under $10, this cigar smokes better than some $12+ Connecticut


Renegade 8th Anniversary Small Format 
With Renegade’s 12th Anniversary Party coming up I’ve been getting in the anniversary mindset by smoking all of our small format anniversary cigars. This week I’ve realized that the 8th Anniversary cigar is my favorite! While I wish it was the original size, the small format size is still amazing. It’s got really great toasty nutty flavors with notes of caramel and nutmeg. To me it’s the perfect cigar with my morning coffee. While is the Renegade VIII is my favorite. Anniversary cigar to date, I’ll keep you posted when I try the upcoming XII!


Reserva Real Minutos Petites 
Sometimes you want the taste of a cigar but don't have time to sit down and enjoy a full size offering. This is where cigarillos are great if you only have 10-20 minutes. The Reserva Real Cigarillo is a great example of this. This smoke brings a smooth earthy taste.  A great light cigarillo for a on the fly smoke with a kick of strength behind it! 


For this week I went back to my roots with the Drew Estate Tabak Especial Dulce. While not a traditional cigar, this was the first cigar I ever smoked. it offers a smooth and creamy smoke with a vanilla coffee flavor. Not to be lost is the touch of spice that always leaves a little zing on my lips for the aftertaste. While flavored cigars sometimes get a bad wrap, they are some of the best selling cigars in the world! 
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