Talking Nicaraguan Tobacco With Henderson Ventura

Brandon Hayes
Talking Nicaraguan Tobacco With Henderson Ventura


Just like the regions that grow wine, different tobacco growing regions have unique flavor profiles, and it has everything to do with the climate. Brandon and Master Blender Henderson Ventura sit down to discuss how Nicaraguan tobacco is used to compliment Dominican tobacco in ADVentura blends.

Just like the best chefs and winemakers do, Henderson uses his experience and creativity to achieve a desired flavor by combining tobaccos of different regions to hit the perfect balanced taste (If you’re looking for detailed information on the different Nicaraguan regions for growing tobacco, that information can be found in our blog post here.)

If you’ve been lucky enough to have spent any time with Henderson, it’s clear that his main focus is the future of the cigar industry. But while he keeps one eye trained on unfolding trends and the demands of cigar customers, the other is also fixed on the past—all the better to honor the tradition of those who came before.

Henderson uses tobaccos that are sourced predominantly from Jalapa and Esteli to compliment his Dominican blends. For example, Esteli tobacco is known for its bold and spicy profile, and this is what most cigar lovers instantly think of when they think of Nicaraguan cigars. But Henderson uses Dominican and other Ligero with similar strength and intensity to tamp down the spice levels, and the end result is a rich Dominican cigar with elements of Nicaraguan taste that traditional full-bodied cigar smokers truly enjoy. Check out the video below to learn more! 


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