Best Mild Cigars (Spring 21')

Brandon Hayes
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While it’s a common misconception that mild cigars are made for new cigars smokers, they are an excellent and highly recommended place to start. That said, mild cigars make up roughly 70 percent of the number of all cigars sold—and you know it’s not just newbies buying them up. In fact, in my line of work it’s not uncommon for me to meet a seasoned cigar smoker who’s enjoyed mild cigars for 40-plus years. While a lot of the mild offerings from yesteryear lacked flavor, cigar makers have really done a great job of introducing new cigars that are mild in strength but big in flavor. Here’s a list of some of my mild cigar top picks for Spring 2021.


Rocky Patel Vintage 1999

Rocky Patel is a household name in the cigar industry, and they offer a lot of highly rated cigars to choose from—but their Vintage 1999 is probably their most best-selling of all. Utilizing a Connecticut wrapper aged seven years and tobaccos from both Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, the  Vintage 1999 delivers a mild yet flavorful smoking experience enjoyed by experienced aficionados and new smokers alike. As with all Rocky Patel cigars, you can be confident knowing the cigar will draw nearly perfectly.

Tasking notes include: cedar, butter, cream, hay, and mild spice.


Aganorsa Leaf Connecticut

Aganorsa Leaf has been known by industry insiders for years as an outlet for super-premium Nicaraguan tobacco. In fact, the odds are probably pretty good that one of your favorite brands has been utilizing their tobaccos long before you ever heard the name.

Recently, Aganorsa Leaf has been putting a lot of focus on building up their own brand in the U.S. market. If you haven’t yet taken the time to experiment with the brand, the Aganorsa Leaf Connecticut is a great place to start. It’s a full-flavored offering that’s also relativity mild in strength. It’s also one of the best valued long filler premium Connecticuts on the market, with most sizes under $8.

Tasking notes include: sweet chocolate, marshmallow, and earthy flavors.


Aladino Connecticut

Aladino might not be a household name... Yet. In my opinion, Honduran cigars haven’t received the respect they deserve in recent years. This is wholly unfair. Some of the best original Corojo in the world comes from Honduras, and a perfect example of how tasty this beautiful tobacco can be is the Aladino Connecticut. Just a few puffs and you’ll immediately see that just because a cigar is mild doesn’t mean it’s boring.

Tasting notes include: vanilla, floral, cedar, and graham cracker.


CLE Chile

While Christina Eiroa is known for making excellent cigars, most of his offerings bypass mild and jump straight to medium. But when he introduced the CLE Chile, Eiroa proved he knew what he was doing working with lower priming tobaccos. It may not be the mildest offering on the list, but it delivers a smooth and relaxed smoking experience and also offers a lot of complexity and transitions while smoking. Utilizing the Corojo tobacco the family is famous for, the CLE Chile comes wrapped in a flawless, shade-grown wrapper.

Tasting notes include: leather, bread, natural tobacco, and mild spice.

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