Henderson Ventura Barbecue

Brandon Hayes
Henderson Ventura and Brandon
Henderson Ventura comes from cigar royalty. Forging his own path with ADVentura Cigars, Henderson is one of the youngest up-and-coming cigar manufactures in the world (not to mention one of our shops favorite blenders). His most recent releases (The Queen's Pearls and King's Gold) received a slew of awards from cigar critics. For those lucky enough to score a box of our last three anniversary releases (VIII, IX & X) you were able to sample what happens when Brandon collaborates with one of the greatest blenders of our time.

Buy a Box, Get a Ticket! 

Henderson Ventura of ADVentura Cigars will be joining us for a family style barbecue this Saturday from 2:30pm-5:30pm at Spring Park in Richardson, TX. The weather is supposed to be perfect! Food, drinks and cigars will be provided and it will be a great chance to spend some personal time with one of the premier cigar manufactures in the world.

Grab a box (or 20 singles) of ADV today to secure your spot!  (In-store or Online)




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