Renegade Humidor Update - Post PCA 2022

Nate Simonds

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While July is typically a slower month for cigar sales, it is one of the most exciting times of the year. The month starts off with PCA, where most manufacturers are announcing and showcasing the upcoming new releases for the year. It also is a time that we are reviewing slow selling SKU’s and bringing new brands into the humidor. Here is a look at what has arrived and what is coming soon to the humidor! 


Plasencia Cigars - 

One of the most famous manufacturers in the industry, the Plasencia name, is synonymous with quality. While they have manufactured cigars for many of your favorite cigar brands (and continue to do so), they have started distributing cigars themselves as well. We have brought in a range of cigars that showcases their offering. If you haven’t smoked a Plasencia yet, add this famous manufacture to your list!


Fratello Cigars -

A lot of kids grow up wanting be a Rocket Scientist, and not many people leave that job to start a cigar brand. However, that is exactly what Omar Fratello did in 2013, leaving his job at NASA to focus on the industry he loves - cigars. These blends offer a unique and interesting taste profile unlike anything on the market. With NASA like quality standards, Omar has only chosen premium factory partners to produce his cigars. If you are looking for a new brand with an exciting story to tell - give Fratello cigars a try! 



While Warped cigars did not attend PCA this year, they did release a new cigar this month. Originally a Hawaiian market exclusive, Eagles Descent is a limited edition release now offered nation wide. Only 1500 boxes of 20 cigars were made. Warped fans act fast- once these are gone they are gone! 


General Cigars 

General Cigars didn’t have their entire offering at the show, but their newly acquired brand Room101 was present. Their focus has been on more boutique and unique offerings - we have brought in the BX3 (which utilizes mostly Brazilian tobacco) and their collaboration with Illusione (Excalibur illusione #1). 


Caldwell Cigars

Caldwell has been on a tear with new releases, offering up both new & aged versions of the Instant Classic, a new Anastasia blend, and a new exciting series called Crafted and Curated (which allows Caldwell to “experiment” with old blends). Caldwell isn’t done either, we’ve got even more new releases on the way. Some of these have already came in and sold out, so keep an eye out for what’s to come - Caldwell always goes quickly.



Tony Bellatto has been partnered with Robert Caldwell on the La Barba brand for years. This year he announced the creation of a new brand (Bellatto Premium Cigars) in collaboration with his father. Tony’s dad Gene brings over 50 years experience to the partnership and the cigars will be made at Tabcalera William Ventura (who created the El Maestro). We’ve smoked the cigars, they are amazing and we can’t wait for them to arrive! 

Black Works 

Black Works is a boutique brand that sells consistently and has a dedicated following of customers. The Killer Bee Connecticut debuted in 2018 as a Limited Production offering. This sold extremely well, so they’ve been busy buying up tobacco. Now released as a regular production blend, this isn’t your average Connecticut. Fans of the Killer Bee that have not had a chance to try it with the Connecticut wrapper should absolutely give this a try! 

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