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Caldwell Anastasia

Caldwell Anastasia

Caldwell Anastasia - Caldwell Anastasia proves that there's good cigars, and then there's great cigars. Every single Caldwell Anastasia release falls into the great cigar category! The most recent release, the Caldwell Anastasia 2022 features 4 sizes (Igor, Caspia, Kartel and Opera). While Robert Caldwell has not disclosed the blend details on the newest Anastasia 2022, we do know that it is manufactured in the Dominican Republic. This medium strength cigar is sure to include some of the best and rarest tobaccos available with flavors of cream, caramel, malt and leather. Grab a box of Caldwell Anastasia 2022 today, because when you come back to restock they will more than likely be gone!


Caldwell Anastasia Details:


Caldwell Anastasia Size: Igor 7.5x38, Caspia 5.6x46, Kartel 5x50, Opera 6x54 
Caldwell Anastasia Strength: Medium
Caldwell Anastasia Tasting Notes: Cream, caramel, malt, leather
Caldwell Anastasia Estimated Smoke Time: 45 minutes - 65 minutes 

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