Staff Stand Outs Vol.2

Nate Simonds
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The second iteration of our Staff Stand Out contains a few good mix of Dominican and Nicaraguan cigars. While last week's selections were lighter in profile, these selections offer more rich flavors. Check out some of what our staff smoked last week below! 


My cigar pick if the week is the Drew Estate Herrera Esteli Habano. After a couple of month hiatus from the humidor (backordered) I am sure glad to see this cigar come back. It has just the right amount of strength and flavor for me to enjoy any time of day. It has an old school Cuban profile, with a Nicaraguan twist. It deliver creamy flavors, a hint of spice and a noticeable nuttiness. While Liga Privoda may get all the hype, don’t sleep on this incredible $10 offering.


Oh Davidoff, so many excellent cigars to choose from with a wide variety of flavors and strengths...As this is not one of my regular picks, I decided to jump into the Davidoff Yamasa since it had been quite some time since smoking it. Flawless construction and harmony within the blend itself. I get notes of leather, smoked mesquite, light white pepper & nutmeg. I feel this is a medium in strength, medium plus in flavor. A cigar I thoroughly enjoyed with my coffee this morning.


It had been a long time since I've smoked a Padron, in fact the last time I smoked a Padron was when Brandon officially brought me on full time. Last week was 2 years with Renegade and Brandon picked me out a Padron 1926 to mark the occasion. While I've made clear that I don't smoke much Nicaraguan, my pallet is changing slightly and I've been enjoying more and more Nicaraguan blends. The 1926 is an absolute classic - if you are looking for well aged Nicaraguan tobacco.. This is your cigar! 


Aganorsa never disappoints, when looking for a mid day smoke that can pair with a nice cool glass of sweet tea or a spiked iced tea the Aganorsa Leaf Conneticut can make every hot day enjoyable. I smoked this hanging out in the pool over the weekend and it hit the spot perfectly! 


The ADVentura Navigator is my go to cigar for any occasion. It has a hint of spice with a bold flavor of smoked wood. I would consider this to be a medium to a medium + profile. If you want rich flavor but aren't a fan of pepper/spice, i would recommend giving this cigar a chance.

Dave S

My pick for the this week was the Barbarroja's Invasion. I only got a tittle bit of pepper spice, but a full flavor cigar. Felt heavy in the hand and smoked great! We only have a few left, but if you see them you should absolutely pick them up! 
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