Staff Stand Outs Vol.1

Nate Simonds

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Our staff is constantly trying out new cigars as well as revisiting old favorites. Rather than just telling you what we smoke the most of, here is our list of cigars that stood out over the last week.

Brandon - Barbarroja's Invasion

I had the opportunity to smoke the ADVentura Barbarroja's Invasion while in the Dominican Republic in December. I enjoyed it then, but it really developed nicely. I remember Henderson telling me that it isn't exactly my profile when he first shared it with me. While he knows me well, I am definitely enjoying this cigar. I've smoked it a couple times now since we received in on Monday. It is rich, creamy and has an almost tootsie roll (cocoa taste lined with a subtle, fruit flavored undertone). My favorite size has been the Corona, but all three sizes have been smoking nicely. 

Dan - ADVentura King's Gold

This week I'm really loving the ADVentura King's Gold! I've smoked a few with my morning coffee, afternoon Diet Coke as well as after dinner, and they have been excellent. I'm a fan of Connecticut Broadleaf wrapped cigars and the ADVentura King's Gold doesn't disappoint. It is super creamy and bold with pepper and some citrus notes. 

Dave - Rojas Street Tacos Carnitas 

This smooth and easy Connecticut surprised me with how well it worked with the constant up and down of working the lounge. Generally speaking Connecticut wrappers can be more fragile. When cigars manage to stay lit while I'm helping a customer in the humidor or dusting ashtrays it makes my smoking cigar more pleasant (nobody likes to constantly relight their cigar). I think I only had to relight the Rojas Street Tacos Carnitas once over the approximate hour that it took for me to smoke it. 

Nate - Plasencia Reserva Original

We have been talking about bringing Placencia back into the humidor since the beginning of the year and finally pulled the trigger at PCA. While I had smoked the other samples at the show, I hadn't had a chance to try the Plasencia Reserva Original yet. I really enjoyed the cedar forward profile of this cigar with the light pepper on the retrohale... I had to double check the blend on this cigar after I smoked it. Despite being a Nicaraguan puro there was not as much spice and leather notes as I would have expected. This is a great Nicaraguan cigar for those who who don't typically smoke Nicaraguan tobacco. 

Caleb - Plasencia Reserva Original 

This Plasencia Reserva Original is a great medium cigar that has light vanilla tasting notes and some leather & earth as well. I really enjoyed this cigar on an afternoon hanging out in my pool with my dog. This is the perfect cigar for relaxing on the porch with a glass of rum watching your favorite team playing on the TV

Scott - Warped GR88

A cigar I haven't had in awhile and forgot how much I love it! The Warped GR88 “Grand Reserve 1988” starts off just as beautifully as it finishes. Throughout the cigar I throughly enjoy the balance of coffee bean, and an almost sweet raspberry finish on the retrohale. A nice balance to the earthly undertones. A Nicaraguan Puro, Aganorsa once again produces some wonderfully elegant and mouth watering, tasty tobacco.

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