Renegade NDA Series

Current NDA Release: Hush Money

Hush Money Ad

Size: Box-Pressed Toro
Age: 5+ Years
Origin: Dominican
Blend: Nicaragua, Peru, Dominican Republic  

One of the most dynamic offerings yet from the NDA line, this 5+-year-old medium-strength cigar will appeal to a broad audience. Offering a cedar forward profile that’s balanced out by leather and black pepper spice, fans of both Nicaraguan and Dominican blends will certainly enjoy Hush Money. The draw on this cigar is perfect, offering lots of creamy smoke without burning too fast to enjoy. Whether you’re seeking a value cigar that smokes like something twice its price, a nice cigar to enjoy by the pool, or a dynamic premium offering, Hush Money will fit the bill. We’ve had these stashed in our humidor for over a year now and have been waiting for just the right time to drop them. Be sure to pick some up today. Like all of the NDA releases, once they’re gone, they’re gone for good!

About The NDA Series: 

Little known to anyone without a direct need to know, we’ve been hard at work securing some ultra-premium cigars from possibly the best cigar manufacturer in the world—and we’ll be making those cigars available exclusively to Renegade customers. 

Although we can’t mention the cigar manufacturer by name, we can tell you that the series will consist of individual releases—one dropping on Fridays with stock limited to a first come, first served basis. 

As a part of our agreement with the previously mentioned but unnamed cigar manufacturer, there are certain details we can’t release. But here’s what we can divulge: The cigars are made with primarily Dominican tobacco blends that would sell for at least twice the price we’ll be making them available for. They’ve also been significantly aged, a fact that will no doubt be welcomed by those who appreciate well-aged tobaccos.


Based on 654 reviews
VERY Satisfied!

I'm by no means a cigar aficionado, but having been deployed numerous times with US Army, I've had a lot of cigars shipped to me before and I can say that this was the best packaging I've seen to date! Everything was secured and packaged with quality packing material, and the box was placed in a Boveda bag with a humidity control bag. I've smoked half the box and they've all been amazing, so thank you, Renegade!

The RP Vintage 1990 (robusto) has always been a favorite of mine and perfect for the golf course or sitting on your back porch with a drink of your choice. Other cigars have come and gone, but I always have the 1990 in by box.

Great Cigars

These cigars pair well with a cup of Joe.

Cigar Club

My son enjoys the variety of the cigars he gets each month. He comes over to my house (his mom) and we sit outside and talk while he enjoys his cigars. Thank you for the bonding over a cigar.


Nice !

The Adventura is an excellent cigar. It is very smooth & burns evenly, it also is at a great price.

Blackened shadenew release S84

I had three of the pre release that I thought had excellent flavors beginning to end. The first roll out ones I got do not have the same flavor profile as those. I don’t know if it was the aging or what. I will try some at a later date to see if they match the pre release ones.

Well made cigar. Perfect short smoke. Delivers quality taste

Small package. Cool design. Easy cut and light up. Perfect construction. Solid ash. Flavors were as advertised. Perfect “breakfast blend”. Relatively short smoke time as designed. I would buy a box of these to have on hand for when you want quality and flavor but don’t have a lot of time. Good job to Rojas team on this one

Best cigar

Definetly my go to

I really like the EP Carrillo Allegiance cigar. It has turned it to my definite go to cigar. Very smooth smoke. The flavor, the smoke, the taste I like it all. I actually bought some for a friend just getting into cigars. I would and have recommended them to others.

Adventura Chancellor

Another great cigar from the Adventura line. Great flavor, great burn, great smoke output. I wish I could tell you what exactly I’m tasting but I can’t…with any cigar. I know what tastes good though and this cigar has amazing flavors all the way to the end. Try it. I bet you’ll like it.

One of my favorite cigar, Great service, will purchase again from this site

The Lighter

The Melanio 2023 Gran Reserva is the Best Cigar in the bundle. And it’s very good! But the surprise is the Lighter it comes with. Small and slender package but effective and efficient. Single torch precision and holds plenty of fuel. I’ve been using this and it’s darn near as good as my DuPont…

The limited edition corona is solid but could use some time in the humidor to age and round out. I’m hopeful it will be great in a few seasons. Getting great quality for a worthy cause is just a bonus.

Great cutter!

This is the best cigar cutter that I have ever owned. Yes, it’s pricey but, you are getting what you paid for ….a sharp, clean cut!!!

My Go To Cigar, Lot 23

I have enjoyed smoking pipes and cigars for almost 1/2 a century.
With out question, Perdomo has been a favorite of mine since their arrival in the US market, 3 decades ago. Perdomo offerings are easily 9 out of 10 of the cigars I smoke.

Oliva Serie V Melanio
Gerald Easterling
Serie V Melanio

Great smooth mild smoke.


Great smoke. Smooth and went very good with a bourbon and coke.

1 or 5 and its 5⭐️s!

what a smoke! by the price i expected quality and value. i did not expect to add another smoke to my go to options! great balance and lovely retrohale. i buy them by the 10 pack now.

I miss the printouts

The selections provided are always great, but I miss the printouts that came with the samplers. This was key to my enjoyment as I always took the recommendations of drink pairings as gospel.

EP Carrillo Pledge
Jerod Stewart
Just Buy it…

Pledge in Sojurn….. I put this on par with the Liga H99.
Right from the start you get rich Coffee,dark Chocolate and leather. The smoke is creamy and fairly dense. This one builds as you go but never becomes too bold. I smoke it down to the nub..

Best smoked in the late afternoon or evening and pairs well with a Jammy Zin (particularly with Lodi Zin “CIGAR” 2019) and whiskey’s. Goes great with Rum or Coffee as well.

Charter Oak Shade
Jerod Stewart
Hard to beat for the price

The Charter Oak Shade in Rothschild…

Well constructed.. I got hints of Vanilla and dark toasted Coffee. Plenty of wood and the aromas from the smoke are great! I would be careful not to smoke this too quickly. It can get hot easy and when it does, like any cigar it can turn bitter.
Best smoked on a sunny day and pairs best with coffee. Great price for a good smoke

Padron Maduro
James Blackburn
Padron 7000

The Padron 7000 Maduro is my "go to" cigar, and has been for years. It s consistently great. It is well-constructed , so it has an even, smooth burn. The 7000 is great from start to finish. Love the Padron 7000 !!

Padron Maduro
Bill Mott
Padron Maduro 3000,4000,5000

A full-bodied smoke with a nice smooth finish and no strong aftertaste. Hold ash well, and offers a great flavor that never gets ld.

EP Carillo

Excellent smoke. Entered my top five immediately.

Padron Maduro
Jim Oertel

Absolutely the best cigar humidor I have the pleasure of going to . Brandon and Nate are the most knowledgeable and helpful guys I know I know

Another great cigar from Room 101! It’s very smooth and mellow and has tasting notes just as described in its profile: cream, coffee, cedar. A nice cigar for everyday. I strongly recommend if you’re looking for a mild smoke.

Punch Golden Era
Matthew M
Good Cigar

A very nice cigar. It’s not too strong but still flavorful. This would be a good everyday smoke.