Renegade NDA Series

Current NDA Release: Hush Money

Hush Money Ad

Size: Box-Pressed Toro
Age: 5+ Years
Origin: Dominican
Blend: Nicaragua, Peru, Dominican Republic  

One of the most dynamic offerings yet from the NDA line, this 5+-year-old medium-strength cigar will appeal to a broad audience. Offering a cedar forward profile that’s balanced out by leather and black pepper spice, fans of both Nicaraguan and Dominican blends will certainly enjoy Hush Money. The draw on this cigar is perfect, offering lots of creamy smoke without burning too fast to enjoy. Whether you’re seeking a value cigar that smokes like something twice its price, a nice cigar to enjoy by the pool, or a dynamic premium offering, Hush Money will fit the bill. We’ve had these stashed in our humidor for over a year now and have been waiting for just the right time to drop them. Be sure to pick some up today. Like all of the NDA releases, once they’re gone, they’re gone for good!

About The NDA Series: 

Little known to anyone without a direct need to know, we’ve been hard at work securing some ultra-premium cigars from possibly the best cigar manufacturer in the world—and we’ll be making those cigars available exclusively to Renegade customers. 

Although we can’t mention the cigar manufacturer by name, we can tell you that the series will consist of individual releases—one dropping on Fridays with stock limited to a first come, first served basis. 

As a part of our agreement with the previously mentioned but unnamed cigar manufacturer, there are certain details we can’t release. But here’s what we can divulge: The cigars are made with primarily Dominican tobacco blends that would sell for at least twice the price we’ll be making them available for. They’ve also been significantly aged, a fact that will no doubt be welcomed by those who appreciate well-aged tobaccos.


Based on 607 reviews
La Aurora 1903 Cameron

A very nice cigar. Natural flavor with no after taste or lingering cigar breath. Smokes properly, not rolled to tight.

AJ Fernandez New World
Christopher Hill
Family Gathering

Great as always. Had a family gathering, and the New Worlds were the hit.

Complex, smooth, and very tasty. Perfect for around the campfire... better if you add bourbon!

Great Bundle

Great bundle - great value. The backpack is a little cheesy but all of the cigars and other swag are top notch. Love Liga Privada and Renagade!


All the products are good and i love it

My go to cigar.

I like to smoke my cigars only when I have time to enjoy them with a bourbon like when I am fishing or camping. My go to's are the Adventura Navigator and the Queen's Pearl.
I have experimented with other cigars but these two Adventura's have never disappointed me.

Liga Privada No.9
Len Carroll
Great little cigar

I don't always have time to smoke a full cigar and hate wasting them. Bought a tin of the Liga Privada 9 - Connecticut Broadleaf Oscuro. Perfect size for a quick smoke. Not a little tasting cigar!

Joya De Nicaragua Antano Connecticut

Very smooth, good draw, pleasant smoke.
will purchase again.

Liga Privada No.9
Joshua Lindsay
Fantastic Cigar

I love Liga Privada No. 9! It is consistent and amazing. The ash on the cigar is tight and compressed, allowing for the cigar to burn cooler and retain moisture longer. Fantastic from start to finish. I Wish the price was lower, but absolutely worth the $20 per stick.


The best sampler I ever had.

Guardian of The Farm
Daniel Schroeder
Dan Round Rock

Ok but not in my flavor profile

Dan Round Rock

Enjoyed this cigar, consistent flavor, burned well and well made.

Its okayish.

It has a very strong taste, even though its flavored infused. Wouldn't recommend for the new comers but if you are already in the market for flavored cigars, give it a try. You might like it.

For a mild cigar and the price point and the taste it's definitely a go too for me

ADVentura The Navigator
Anson Funderburgh
ADV The Navigator

I love this cigar. This one has the Blue label. I like both the blue and the black labels of this cigar. The blue one is a little less bold than the black label, a little milder smoke. It seems that I’m enjoying the medium body smokes a little more than I once did. Both are awesome cigars that anyone that smokes cigars will enjoy. You can’t go wrong with Adventura cigars

My Cigar Of The Year

I’ve been expanding my horizons in exploring a ton of different cigars this year. The Davidoff Nicaragua Diadema has been my favorite hands down. But don’t take my word for it, try it yourself!

Great value for some amazing cigars

The bundle was so good I bought another one for my buddy

Davidoff Yamasa
Daniel Gonite
Luxurious cigar

I have been enjoying this cigar for quite some time and makes me relaxed after my hectic day at work.

Bellatto Edition

Great cigar with a nice smooth draw. I will certainly buy again..

ADVentura Queen's Pearls
Patrick Sanchez
Excellent everyday and special event cigar.

2 thumbs up I laughed and cried.


This cigar immediately broke into my top five sticks currently. I thought It was a little bit pricey at first but let me tell u it's definitely worth the price.

Los Statos Deluxe
Torrance Lillie
Go to

This is by far one of the best cigars for the price. I've had it several times when I want a good smoke that I know I'm going to like this is my go to stick.

I don’t ever choose Connecticuts, but I couldn’t refuse a new Room101 cigar and it’s Astronaut themed! Anyways, it’s becoming my go-to morning cigar. Great flavor, burns well, and delightful with a cup of coffee. No complaints here!

Smooth smoke & great flavor!! It’s my go to everytime.


One of my go to cigars... good flavor....mild to medium and burns well. Very good overall.

GREAT Smoke: What A Surprise

My cigar journey started a few years ago. Among all the sticks that I tried, the Oliva Serie G Belicoso was the most flavorful, so for a while it was all I would smoke. At the time, I hadn't done any research, so I didn't know anything about Cameroon tobacco. As the journey continued, I realized that I really preferred a more flavorful, but not infused, cigar, so I started researching and learned that Cameroon tobacco was what I needed to 'try'. I discovered it in the Arturo Fuente Hemingway line, but because I don't like being limited, I continued trying other 'Cameroon' wrapped cigars. I knew the Oliva Serie G Belicoso was a good cigar, but I had since 'graduated' to more full size sticks and for some unknown reason had never thought to try a larger Oliva Serie G. What a mistake. I'm so glad that I finally tried one. It was so enjoyable and such a surprise to learn that the Serie G regardless of size is a Cameroon wrapped cigar. Well, I am still learning on this journey, so I'm not going to be too hard on myself. What a great surprise. Christmas came early for me this year.