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Renegade 13th Anniversary Party: Friday, September 29th 

Our annual anniversary party is our opportunity to give back to the people that make Renegade special...You! We have been working tirelessly for months planning this special celebration. Please join us for a night of food, drink, and celebration... In addition to what is listed below, we have a few surprises up our sleeve that you will not want to miss! This will also be your first opportunity to pick up your pre-ordered 13th Anniversary Cigars.
  •    Full open bar with bartender and complimentary spirit tasting 
  •    Live music from DJ
  •    Over $10,000 in cigar prize giveaways 
  •    Appearance from master blender Henderson Ventura of ADVentura Cigars and co-creator of all Renegade Anniversary cigars. 
  •    Up to $13,000 cash giveaway 
Renegade 13th Anniversary Cigar Pre-Sale: 9/22/23

*All 13th Anniversary cigar purchases will be available for pickup at event location.


Based on 633 reviews
EP Carillo

Excellent smoke. Entered my top five immediately.

Padron Maduro
Jim Oertel

Absolutely the best cigar humidor I have the pleasure of going to . Brandon and Nate are the most knowledgeable and helpful guys I know I know

Another great cigar from Room 101! It’s very smooth and mellow and has tasting notes just as described in its profile: cream, coffee, cedar. A nice cigar for everyday. I strongly recommend if you’re looking for a mild smoke.

Punch Golden Era
Matthew M
Good Cigar

A very nice cigar. It’s not too strong but still flavorful. This would be a good everyday smoke.

Great Gift

My wife got me a gift certificate for Christmas. What a great gift. It's not the fact that she gave me the certificate, I'm thrilled that she got great assistance from the staff there in the shop when trying to decide what to give me. Thanks guys

Warped Moon Garden Especial

Kyle Gellis the owner of Warped put together some of my favorite blends. This one can be added to the list. Of course Renegade Cigars only has the finest of cigars in its humidor!

Punch Golden Era
Jay Edwan
I’m Jay

Amazing notes. Mild great taste.

Decent cigar reasonably cheap

Padron are the most consistent smokes out there all the way down to their cheaper sticks

Everyday carry

Awesome lighter, carry it with me at all times and use for more than just my cigars.

Love the tabernacle’s

EP Carrillo Pledge
Jimmy Collum

One of my all time favorite cigars. When I feel the need for a special cigar, this one always satisfies.

Oliva Serie V
Gary Rosas
Oliva Serie V Cigar

One of my very favorite cigars to smoke. A smooth and silky enjoyable smoke with a hint of cedar that pairs great with my favorite scotch when I'm ready to relax.

Rojas Breakfast Tacos
Stacy Hartsell
Short on time?

A really good quick smoke for the price. Good even flavor and sent all the way to the shoulder.

Padron 1964
Todd Beach
Padron 1964 is fantastic!

Brandon recommended the 1964, Padron after telling him what I enjoy in a good cigar. Best suggestion ever! Smooth, even burn, and enjoyable in every stage. Can’t wait to order this one again!

Cohiba Blue
Andrew Rooks
Smooth and satisfying

Honestly I’m new to the cigar world I ran into cohiba blues at a vape shop I frequent since Renegade was closed. I was hooked after a long days work, a glass of brandy or whiskey with the smooth mild taste of a cohiba makes the day much better.

My Favorite & Preferred Cigar of Choice

I love this cigar! I’ve been shopping and frequenting Renegade for a few years. I’ve tried multiple brands and different types of cigars. Without a doubt, I will always choose a Perdomo, especially the double aged 12 year Connecticut. Such a phenomenal product and I love the inviting atmosphere of Renegrade. Brandon and his staff do a phenomenal job!

Padron 1926
Jimmy Ward

Best cigar I have ever had!

Liga Privada H99
Daniel Gonite
Great cigar

One of my favorite cigar.

Padron 1964
Daniel Gonite

I love it

The taste of Class

I smoked the Rocky Patel Vintage 2006 and it was smooth and wonderful. I would say it was medium in strength but also had a great flavor. It burned well and evenly. Altogether a very good smoke.

When I used to celebrate Christmas as a Kid

Although I no longer celebrate Christmas, Receiving my monthly select gives me the feeling like when I used to celebrate Christmas as a Kid.

Delicious cigars

Such a wonderful experience to smoke such a smooth, cigar. Delicious from 1st smoke to the last. The flavors had a cinnamon taste, with a slight pepper, very consistent from start to finish, delicious! Thank you Pappy for partnering with Drew Estate on this one. I just purchased a second box.

Failed Substitute

This was a decent smoke, but it wasn't what I was looking for. The Camacho American Bourbon Barrel Aged has become hard to find, so I tried the Camacho Broadleaf in its place, which turned out to be a mistake. After the first few puffs, I knew immediately that it wasn't for me, so I let it go out and trashed it. The draw seemed as if it was going to be good, but I didn't immediately get the flavor notes I expected.

A Three at Best

These cigars have not burned well. Some are better wrapped than others. A common theme is they do not stay lit. The only caveat is that I am outside and playing golf. I would not recommend purchasing these particular cigars.

Jay B
Solid Cigar - BX3 as a Flathead Alt

Shop was back-ordered on Flatheads so the BX3 was recommended. Full-flavored but not too heavy. Easy 30+ minute smoke. Consistent flavor. Though the ash was a little unpredictable. (Wore it at one point!) Would try again.