Cigar Blending Process Part 2: Matt Booth

Brandon Hayes

Matt Booth Cigar Blending Process


Last week we took a 10,000-foot-view of the "blending process" - over the next few weeks we will talk to legendary cigar makers about the more personal side of creating a new blend. 

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Below is a quick video with Matt Booth. He takes us down a unique and interesting path, in a way that only he can.

For those of you not familiar with Matt, check out a social media post I created earlier this year. -BH

"Let's talk about another industry good guy, Matt Booth. My guess is that most of the stuff written about Matt or “Boofy” does not start with “industry good guy” as a result of his bad boy persona. However, anyone who has spent any time with him knows he is creative, a hard worker and has made a positive impact on the cigar industry. 

Personally, I have never been one for setting ridged 10 year plans. Rather, I believe in working hard, building a brand people believe in and always being ready to pivot when necessary. I cannot speak for Matt, but my guess is that this would resonate with him too. 

After Matt finished his time in the USMC, he moved to LA. In LA he played music and served successful business people as a body guard. He watched the way they moved, their work ethic and started applying the skills he was learning into his music. In 2003, he started to create high end custom jewelry - Room101 was born. Room101 wasn’t initially created as a strategic career move, rather, a way to fund his future in music. As luck would have it, his unique jewelry offering caught attention. As Room101 was growing, Matt was looking for ways to expand his brand. Matt liked cigars and thought he would add custom humidors to his offering. After Dylan Auston from Davidoff Cigars attended one of the parties he was throwing to promote his jewelry line - Dylan decided that he needed to do more in the industry than simply make humidors. 

Room101 Cigars was born! Matt worked with Dylan and the Camacho Davidoff team to learn the ins and outs of the cigar industry. Matt got access to a great manufacturing partner and Davidoff gained Matt’s creative eye and together they connected with consumers in a new way. After 8 years with Davidoff, Matt took a short break from the industry, but it didn’t last long. 

Matt stepped back into the industry in 2017, this time working completely independently. Currently he operates both Room101 jewelry and Room101 cigars, plus a boutique gin brand conveniently named Room101 gin. 

Some of his current cigar lines include Farce, Doomsayer & Payback."



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