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Brandon Hayes

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One of the most commonly asked questions that we have from our customers is, “How do you recommend flying with cigars and accessories?” Everyone has had different experiences traveling with cigars, lighters and cutters and we would like to clearly state information and guidelines from the FAA in regards to rules and regulations stated by the DOT and TSA. We will have some of our own advice to make your traveling and smoking experiences the best possible.

Cigars: One important aspect of traveling with your cigars is making sure that they are well protected and humidified. Cigars are allowed both in your carry-on and in your checked bag, if flying internationally pay attention to the number of cigars you can bring in and out of the country on both legs of your flight. We recommend a Xikar travel case to keep your cigars safe and humidified, they come in a variety of sizes ranging from 5ct - 60ct travel humidors and are extremely durable. Always make sure you have a Boveda pack or two with you to keep your cigars humidified for your entire trip. 

Lighters: We know many of our customers have had lighters confiscated when flying and others have never had an issue. From the FAA you may carry 1 soft flame lighter on your person or in a carry on bag. As for in your checked bag, you may bring 2 additional filled lighters including a torch lighter when you use DOT approved airtight travel container for lighters. In the case that you are bringing an empty lighter containing no fuel or residue there is no limit on the number of lighters you can bring. The FFA encourages that you package these lighters with a note disclaiming that they are all empty. When traveling with all lighters you will need to be mindful that no butane or lighter fuel of any type are allowed in both checked and carry-on luggage.

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Cutters: The TSA recommends that you keep all cutters in your checked luggage. Cutters are not explicitly banned from carry on luggage or being carried on your person but the TSA officers have the authority to confiscate any item that could be seen as a security threat.


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Our Travel recommendations: When possible follow all TSA instructions ‘above the letter’ however that does not guarantee  that everything will go smoothly. We recommend you travel with your cheaper cutters and lighters or possibly purchase cheap accessories when you land. The last thing we would want is your nice Dupont  to be confiscated and not returned to you.  Keep your destination in mind when packing your cigars and accessories. When considering the amount of cigars to bring with you on your trip look into the tax on tobacco in the state or country in which you are travelingtoo. The cost of cigars could be double or triple the amount of what you pay in your home state. Please remember to always support any lounge you may attend on your travels as we ask our visiting customers to do the same. When traveling to areas at a higher altitude than you currently live make sure that you have a cigar lighter and fuel that is designed to work at high altitude. Not all lighters and fuel are designed to work optimally at higher elevations and may prevent you from enjoying that perfect cigar on top the mountain side. Your Xikar traveling case will have gone through a lot of pressure changes the smaller classes 5-15 count should still open fairly easy maybe with a little help from a key. The larger 20-60 count travel cases come with a pressure release valve to easily open your case and start enjoying your cigar immediately.

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Check out the video below for some tips to finding a great cigar lounge while traveling!  

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