How to Gift Cigars

Nate Simonds

As the holiday season begins it is the time of celebrating another year with family and friends. While drinks and food are a staple in many people’s celebrations, this presents another opportunity to share a cigar with somebody new. For some, around special occasions such as the holidays may be the only time they choose to enjoy a premium cigar. Here’s a few tips on how to help others have the best experience this holidays season.

1. Selection of Cigars:

   - Avoid Super Strong Varieties: While seasoned cigar smokers may appreciate a robust &  full-bodied cigar, introducing someone to cigars should not be with a full bodied smoke.  We suggest starting with medium to mild cigars to prevent overwhelming the palate and the potential discomfort of cigar sickness. 

   - Balanced Price Points: Strike a balance between quality and affordability. While it's tempting to present a cheap cigar to prevent waste, make sure you are gifting something you yourself would enjoy! After all, this is how we bring people into cigar culture! However, you don’t have to go crazy.  High-quality cigars are available at various price points, allowing you to provide a memorable experience without unnecessary extravagance.

2. Size Matters:

   - Avoid Extreme Sizes: Long and thin Lanceros or large Gordos are be an acquired taste and can be more difficult to smoke. Opt for more traditional sizes like robusto or toro, which provide an easier and balanced smoking experience that are generally well received by beginners.

   - Consider Time Constraints: Smaller cigars are ideal for those who might not have the time for a lengthy smoking session. By selecting a more moderate size, you ensure that the recipient can fully enjoy the experience without feeling rushed (this also helps minimize waste if they decide not to continue with their cigar)!

3. Consider their Preferences:

   - Cigar and Beverage Pairing: Think about their usual beverage choices. If they appreciate a good whiskey, coffee, or even wine, consider how the selected cigar will complement these preferences. This attention to detail enhances the overall enjoyment of the pairing.

  Consider Their Food Preferences : Take into account their usual preferences in taste as it relates to spice. If they enjoy a spicy or robust flavor profile in their food, a similar cigar would likely be enjoyable. If they are a little bit more conservative in their taste, try something a little less bold. 

4. Spread the Culture:

   - Tell Them About Cigars: Beyond just smoking, introduce them to the rich culture surrounding cigars. Share a personal story with a cigar manufacturer or event, tell them craftsmanship involved in making a cigar, and the diversity of flavor within the world of cigars.

   - Demonstrate Proper Techniques: Show how to cut the cigar properly, light it evenly, and take slow, deliberate puffs. Emphasize the importance of savoring the flavors rather than inhaling. 

Introducing someone to the world of cigars during the holiday season is a gift that goes beyond materialism. It's a gesture that opens the door to new experiences, rich flavors, and meaningful connections. By approaching the introduction thoughtfully, you can make this holiday season one to remember for both you and the new cigar enthusiast in your life. Cheers to the joy of discovery and the warmth of shared moments!

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