Jochy Blanco - A Dominican Tobacco Legend

Brandon Hayes

Jochy Blanco is a tobacco grower and producer from the Dominican Republic who is known for his high-quality cigars and tobacco products. However he is unknown to most cigar consumers. Jochy is the owner of Tabacalera Palma, a tobacco company located in the Cibao Valley in the Dominican Republic, which is known for producing some of the finest tobacco in the world.

La Galera Cigars is owned by Jochy Blanco, who is a legendary figure in the Dominican Republic. Not only does Jochy produce some of the most affordable premium cigars around, he also helps other brands get on their feet in the DR (Aging Room, LFD, Kristoff, Pinar del Rio, Sans Pereli, Village etc). He owns a number of buildings in the free trade zone and leases these buildings out to brands for their production. Jochy arguably knows more than anyone about Dominican Tobacco. Jochy has had great success, with many awards being bestowed upon his brands. He even helped take home the #1 cigar of the year in 2019 with the Aging Room Quattro - a brand he is a partner in. 

Jochy Blanco was born in the Dominican Republic and grew up in a family of tobacco farmers. His great grandfather originally emigrated from Spain in the mid 1800’s and his father started the Tabaclera Palma factory in 1925. He learned the art of tobacco cultivation and production from his father. The Blanco family has farms in Santiago, La Canela, Guarbo, Jacagua and Mao. In addition to growing his own tobacco, Jochy buys tobacco from other Dominican farmers and is the largest buyer of tobacco in the DR. He works tirelessly to improve the tobacco business in the DR. Jochy Blanco has always been passionate about tobacco and has dedicated his life to perfecting the art of producing high-quality cigars and tobacco products.

In addition to producing tobacco, Jochy Blanco is also involved in the production of cigars. His cigars are made from the finest tobacco leaves and are rolled by skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques. The cigars produced by Tabacalera Palma are known for their smooth, rich flavor and are highly sought after by cigar enthusiasts around the world.

Jochy Blanco is not only known for his high-quality tobacco and cigars, but also for his dedication to sustainability and social responsibility. He is committed to using environmentally friendly methods of tobacco cultivation and production, and he also supports various charitable causes in the Dominican Republic.

In conclusion, Jochy Blanco is a leading figure in the tobacco industry, known for his dedication to producing high-quality cigars and tobacco products using traditional methods and modern technology. He is also committed to sustainability and social responsibility, making him one of the Monet respected and admired figures in the industry.

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