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Brandon Hayes

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A Limited ADVentura Navigator!

50 x 6 1/4" Cadamosto

When Henderson Ventura gave us a call saying that he had some extra stock of a limited edition size he did for a cigar club, we didn't even hesitate... We bought everything we could. This limited edition size isn't something that is produced often, so grab these while you can. 

ADVentura Limited Production

Back In Stock (For Now)

These 3 limited ADVentura cigars are only produced occasionally throughout the year and are some of the best cigars that ADVentura makes. They are consistently among the fastest selling cigars in the ADVentura line when we have them in stock. We would be hard pressed to choose our favorite, but no matter which you choose we guarantee that you'll enjoy it! 

Best Of ADVentura 10ct Sampler

Not familiar with ADVentura? You've been missing out on some of the best Dominican cigars on the market and one of the fastest growing cigar brands! 

We've made it easy for you, featuring 10 of the best cigars money can buy all in one sampler.

If you don't already know, ADVentura has made all of our anniversary cigars. These cigars are highly anticipated and sell out every year. This sampler also includes the small format sizes of the VIII, IX, and X Anniversary releases. 

Try out all of ADVentura's blends, then let us know which is your favorite! 

Each pack features 1 of the following:

ADVentura King's Gold Corona
ADVentura Queen's Pearls Lancero
ADVentura The Explorer Limited Lancero
ADVentura The Navigator Cadamosto LE
ADVentura Piece of Heart Belicoso
ADVentura Explorer Short Robusto
Renegade XIII 
Renegade IX
Renegade X
Santiago State of Mind


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