Staff Standouts Vol.5

Nate Simonds

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This week's picks offers a great look at what profile cigar each of our staff usually smokes. Check out these offerings to get an understanding of what kind of cigars our staff likes! 


My cigar pick of the week is the Davidoff Dominicana, originally released late last year as a limited release. While it sold out quickly, we were able to snag a few hundred of them in bulk. It has a unique profile that is quite enjoyable. It is full flavor and full strength, but the nicotine doesn’t both me. It’s rich with a slight spice, notes of leather, chocolate and aged Dominican tobacco. 


For this week's pick I'm smoking up the Oliva Melanio Robusto. I think this size delivers the most balance in flavor and strength overall. I would put this around a medium for strength and medium for taste complexity. My go to pairing for this would, as always, be a bold cup of black coffee. I get notes of leather, almonds, earthiness and cocoa. Next time your in the lounge give one a try!


Caldwell is a brand I keep finding myself going back to. While I have smoked plenty of Eastern Standards,  the crafted and curated release offers a slightly tweaked version in a fantastic size. Perfect for my before work smoke with coffee, I find myself smoking this cigar over and over again. Medium in strength, delivering a cedar forward profile with grass and citrus notes. Don't sleep on these, they'll be gone before you know it! 


The ADVentura Piece of Heart is one of the best cigars I can think of to pair with a cup of coffee, Irish coffee or straight espresso. The subtle yet defined flavors of this light bodied cigar hold up to the bold flavor of coffee while still being light enough to enjoy at the beginning of the day and not tarnish you pallet for food and cigars yet to come!


This week I revisited our very own Perfect Timing and was more impressed than when I first tried it! Creamy and velvety are my two largest take aways, and it is now tied with the ADVentura Queens Pearls for my favorite morning coffee cigar. While I generally prefer stronger cigars, especially after dinner, the Perfect Timing really is perfect in the morning. Personally I think the Royal Oak (Robusto) size has a perfect draw over the Monaco (Toro) size. 


My Father's La Promesa
Expected an oilier smoke, was surprised that it was  more mild given the wrapper color. Had pepper notes throughout, started getting more nutty towards midsmoke. Paired it with some Laphroaig Quarter Cask for a flavor complement with the peattiness of the scotch 


I would consider this cigar to be a smooth and bold profile. On the immediate draw, it brings a peppery kick with a strong expresso flavor. I noticed notes of smoked wood and earthyness with it as well. I can see this as a good first cigar of the day. This cigar has sparked my interest into seeing what else Drew Estate has to offer. 
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