Staff Standouts Vol. 6

Nate Simonds

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This week's selections offer a wide variety of cigars as well as featuring our newest staff member - Nina! Check out what our staff enjoyed most over the last week...


This week I am going to say the Rocky Patel Sixty is my pick of the week. This cigar is deceiving, at first glance you may think it is going to be a powerhouse but it’s actually quite smooth and refined. There’s smooth notes of creamy hot chocolate, cedar and mellow earthiness. As far as Rocky Patel is concerned, the Sixty has a high price tag but it does offer a premium smoking experience that is definitely justified. 

Scott Sinclair

Oh ADVentura, how you have changed my life ( taste of life ) on so many ways. With the growing line of amazing and delicious blends that the relatively young Henderson Ventura has been creating, he caught me with the “red label” or the real name, “The Explorer”. This is a cigar that hits my sweet spot in all the right ways! The Dominican blend with its 7yr age fillers balance beautifully with notes of leathery richness, cinnamon and black pepper to finish it off in one perfect smoke! 

Nate Simonds

Kristoff Connecticut 

While admittedly I don't smoke much Kristoff, my go-to from Kristoff is the Connecticut. It has some strength and plenty of cedar notes that I crave out of my cigars. It is a fantastic cigar at the price point, I find it is best smoked in the morning or on an early afternoon walk. 

Dan Lisberger

I’ve been in a Drew Estate mood lately, especially with assembling the recent Swag Packs, and the stand out for me is the Undercrown 10. While I do love the Liga Privada No. 9 (when it’s available), the Undercrown 10 offers a lot of the same dark chocolate and sweet notes along with same flawless construction. The Mexican San Andres wrapper over the broadleaf binder is just perfect to me, and might actually be my favorite San Andres wrapped cigar in our humidor!

Nina Guerra

ADVentura Queen’s Pearls

This was a Connecticut cigar I smoked for the first time last week, a great medium strength and flavor. This would be my go-to cigar for anytime of day, noting a smooth buttery-citrus flavor.  My drink of choice to pair would be a coffee or a bourbon old fashioned. It would definitely be an enjoyable smoke for new cigar smokers. 

Andrew Geczy

La Flor Dominicana La Nox

A smooth but complex smoke that brings notes of cocoa, nuttieness, smoked apple cedar wood. A great smoke for such a small cigar. The average smoke time for this cigar I would say is 20-30mins. 

Dave Schallert 

In recognition of the events in Britain, I smoked a Caldwell Long Live the King. Smooth smoke the whole way through, starting off with a little nuttiness and holding that throughout while adding in some buttery notes followed up by pepper toward the mid-way point. Smooth draw and excellent construction the whole way through. I'm picky about correcting the char line on my cigars, and I don't think I needed to at all on this stick. I don't smoke as much Dominican tobacco as I might, and this one is a solid reason to try more. 

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