Best Nicaraguan Cigars (Spring 21')

Brandon Hayes
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It’s fun to make lists of favorite cigars—this time we tackle some of our favorite Nicaraguan cigars. Not only does it help remind you to stay stocked up on your favorite smokes, but it also helps aficionados compare notes. Here’s our list of our five favorite Nicaraguan cigars today.

Davidoff Nicaragua 

We talk a lot about dessert island cigars around here. It’s a fun thing to do. Without fail, one cigar that comes up almost all the time during those discussions is the Davidoff Nicaragua—a perfect example of how cigars can deliver intense flavor yet still be smooth and balanced. While Davidoff may be known as a leader in Dominican cigars, they’ve proven that they can deliver the near perfect balance of aroma, flavor, and strength for Nicaraguan cigars lovers, too.

Tasting notes include: coffee, cream, chocolate, and leather. 

Strength: medium (round) medium+ (box-pressed)


Padron 1964 Series Natural 

Even if you tried, it would be impossible to have a conversation about Nicaraguan cigars without bringing up the name Padron—the producer of some of the most highly rated and well-respected cigars to come out of the country. Known for its quality, consistency, and perfect draw, the Padron 1964 is an ultra-smooth and flavorful cigar that was originally produced to celebrate Padron’s 30th anniversary.

Tasting notes include: coco, cedar, and hazelnut. 

Strength: medium+


HR Signature 

The HR Signature bears the distinction of being one of my all-time favorite cigars. We can’t talk about this cigar without bringing in the name Hirochi Robaina, the grandson of the legendary late Cuban wrapper grower, Alejandro Robaina. Hirochi was chosen by Alejandro from 11 grandchildren to continue his life’s work on Finca Robaina. When Alejandro died in 2010, he left the family tradition in Hirochi’s capable hands—a tradition that now spans more than 170 years. Today, Hirochi is one of the most respected tobacco growers in the world, and I’ve had the privilege to meet him in person. We talked at great length about what it meant to him to introduce a cigar to the U.S. market. In short: Grandpa would be proud. The HR Signature is a proud representation of all the company has accomplished in almost two centuries in business. It is rich, smooth, and full of flavor.

Tasting notes include: leather, earthiness, and a dessert-like sweetness.

Bonus: check it out in our store-exclusive size. 

Strength: medium 


Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua

It only makes sense that we include the 2019 cigar of the year in this list. Something of collaboration between three industry heavy-hitters—Rafael Nodal, General Cigar Co., and AJ Fernandez—the Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua is what you would expect from a Nicaraguan puro: a medium to full-bodied cigar with a punch of flavor and spice. While a lot spicier than something I myself typically smoke, it’s evident that Nodal and AJ knew what they were doing when they put their heads together on this one.

Tasting notes include: white pepper, leather, and other spices. 

Strength: medium-full 


Oliva Serie V Melanio

Here is yet another former number-one cigar and all-around classic that’s a perennial standby in the humidor. The Oliva Serie V Melanio is smooth and flavorful, a beautiful box-pressed cigar that employs an Ecuadoran Sumatra wrapper with fillers from all three major growing regions in Nicaragua: Jalapa, Esteli, and Condega. The Olivia Serie V Melanio has a great aroma, easy draw, and produces an impressive amount of flavor. It does an excellent job of striking a balance between flavor and strength that’ll satisfy both medium and full-bodied smokers.

Tasting notes include: cedar, mild spices, and the cigar has a pizza dough-like finish.

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