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AVO XO - AVO XO really shows the iconic quality and legacy of the AVO brand! A masterpiece meant for special occasions with 7-year aged tobacco and artistically blended - the AVO XO is a remarkably smooth yet richly complex, medium-bodied cigar. Perfectly walking a balance between tasting notes of wood and spice, the AVO XO adds additional notes of leather and dried fruit. If you are looking for tremendous quality that won't break the bank, give the AVO XO a try today! 


AVO XO Details:


AVO XO Size: Intermezzo 5x50, Legato 6x54
AVO XO Strength: Medium 
AVO XO Tasting Notes: Wood, spice, leather, dried fruit
AVO XO Estimated Smoke Time: 45 minutes - 60 minutes

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