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Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde

If you are looking for a value proposition - you found it here. If you are familiar with our NDA series - you know the drill. Well aged tobaccos, blended and aged to protection.

The Bonnie: She is a sophisticated and complex smoking experience that needs to be enjoyed in a comfortable chair and with an open mind. From first light, you can appreciate the sweet and creamy aromas. On your palate you will notice a cream soda like creaminess that almost makes your mouth water and ask for more - it delivers. It starts as a well balanced medium and builds in intensity to a perfect medium plus. As the cigar builds in strength, the creaminess transitions to a brown sugar and pleasant leather finish.

The Clyde: He starts with a nutty profile, but quickly a chocolate tone appears. It has a surprising medium strength, despite the meaty dark wrapper. It has a bit of a rustic tone that hangs out in the background that never overpowers the chocolate and nuttiness that is consistent throughout the entire cigar. It’s everything you would expect from an aged $25 cigar at less than half the price.

Pro tip: Start the perfect afternoon with the Bonnie and when you crave another, kick it up just enough with the Clyde. These two allow the perfect back-to-back mini vacation from your hectic life.
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