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Boveda 8-Gram Humidification Packs

Boveda 8-Gram Humidification Packs

Boveda 8-Gram: Boveda 8-Gram will protect your precious cigars! Simple and effective solution trusted by Renegade Cigars and top cigars producers worldwide. 

The Boveda 8-Gram's simple to use two way humidification pack will keep your cigars tasting the way they were intended to taste from the factory. Boveda's compact and clean design allows you to place it anywhere in your humidor without having to worry about damaging your cigars or limiting your storing capacity. Plus the pack eliminates the need for dealing with the tedious task of watching water levels and dealing with pg (water) solution.

The Boveda 8-gram pack lasts up to 45 days for storing a small amount of cigars.

Take your headaches away and start enjoying your cigars. Start using the Boveda 8-Gram Pack today! 


Boveda 8-Gram Pack Details:


Humidity Percentages: 72%

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