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Renegade NDA Series: Shoe Box Money

Renegade NDA Series: Shoe Box Money

10ct Bundle

Shoe Box Money is the sixth release of the Renegade NDA cigar series. Originally blended for the European market, it didn’t take long for us to realize that it was simply too good to not share with cigar aficionados in the U.S.

A sophisticated tobacco blend that’s full-flavored, complex, and medium strength, the first thing you’ll notice at first light is the beautiful aroma—one so unique and pleasing that you can expect everyone in your immediate vicinity to comment on its amazing smell.

The flavors are sweet and creamy with no noticeable notes of spice or harsh flavors. It has a pleasant, woody flavor that’s hard to identify. It’s not your typical cedar, either. Someone recently described it as balsawood, but after a few times with this cigar, I still can’t quite put my finger on it. One of my favorite things about it is that it’s wildly enjoyable the first time, but then leaves you perplexed immediately after—making you look forward to revisiting it again soon. I really enjoyed this cigar, and I look forward to sharing it with you.


About The Renegade N.D.A Series: 

Little known to anyone without a direct need to know, we’ve been hard at work securing some ultra-premium cigars from possibly the best cigar manufacturer in the world—and we’ll be making those cigars available exclusively to Renegade customers. 

Although we can’t mention the cigar manufacturer by name, we can tell you that the series will consist of six individual releases—one dropping every other Friday, with stock limited to a first come, first served basis. 

As a part of our agreement with the previously mentioned but unnamed cigar manufacturer, there are certain details we can’t release. But here’s what we can divulge: The cigars are made with primarily Dominican tobacco blends that would sell for at least twice the price we’ll be making them available for. They’ve also been significantly aged, a fact that will no doubt be welcomed by those who appreciate well-aged tobaccos.

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About Renegade Cigars

At Renegade, you will find one of the largest humidors in the Dallas area. You will find the best selection of the most popular brands that are desired by people all around the country. Our humidor houses a perfectly curated selection of major brands that you cannot find anywhere else in the cigar world.

Customer Reviews

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Mark Adams
Great cigar

This was my first venture with the NDA Cigar Series and they hit a home run with this one. Sorry I missed out on the previous runs. Looking forward to enjoying other opportunities as they come available.