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Caldwell Savages

Caldwell Savages

Savages is a limited edition line extension of the Long Live the King cigar. Utilizing similar (but more rare) tobaccos, the Caldwell Savage delivers a slightly creamier and more nutty smoking experience than the Long Live the King. The Caldwell Savages is only available to select cigar stores due to the rarity of the tobaccos used. Strength is medium, flavor is full and the taste it truly unique with earthiness, pepper and leather. Try a Caldwell Savages today! 


Caldwell Savage Details:


Caldwell Savages Size: Toro 6x54, Corona Extra 6x46, Super Rothschild 4.75x52, Corona Larga 8x45, Cannon 10x45, Caldwell personal stash 5.5x44
Caldwell Savages Strength: Medium 
Caldwell Savages Tasting Notes: Earth, pepper, leather
Caldwell Savages Estimated Smoke Time: 45 minutes - 100 minutes


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Brandon’s Thoughts: This is my favorite cigar that Caldwell makes and one of my favorite cigars on the market today - period. It was like this cigar was built for both my strength and flavor profile. It is smooth, flavorful, nutty and has old world raw tobacco flavors that I just can’t get enough of. My go-to size is the Corona Gorda, but I am not afraid to mix it up with this one. Recommended Pairing: Belvenie Single Barrel 15

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Customer Reviews

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Love this Caldwell!

Smooth, creamy and nutty. I didn’t taste any pepper at all. This is by far one of my favorite Caldwell cigars.

Mark Simon
First Caldwell

Enjoyed this cigar. Great smoke production. Novice palette but it was creamy with a hint of toasted bread. 😀